SKIN REQUEST: Arctic Ops Jhin

SKIN REQUEST: Arctic Ops Jhin

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Can someone plz make a skin like this? Sadly, I don't have any pics of the skin so do what u think it would look like (the pic is the gun and the file is the camo and scope so download it if u need 2.) :)

Gun: A M24 rifle with blue camouflage of course. :D

Ability Effects:

Q: A blue camouflage grenade (more like a irl grenade than one that he uses now.)

W: Not much change, just the regular thing is changed with a thin red beam.

E: It'll look more like a detonator (or take zigg's thing 4 example.) and the circle is changed with a scope and blows up when it's stepped on.

R: Exactly the same but the little holes are filled in and the bars look like blue camo

Like I said, idk how he would look so u can just make up something 4 that. :D

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Submitted by TheDankKnight

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