[Lunalichan] PAX Sivir, 5 color pack

[Lunalichan] PAX Sivir, 5 color pack

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PAX Sivir color pack with Blue, Red, Purple, Grey and Black.

Simple recolors with regular PAX Sivir Loadscreens.

No circle or square images.

Please read point 3 at the update section about the Red PAX Sivir skin if you think the color does not seem correct to you on this image.

1. I tried to fix the particles. I wasn't able to entirely fix it since the files of the original PAX skin are not available to me. I only managed to color the boomerang of the actual Classic Sivir skin to each one of my PAX recolored skins. The boomerang model however remains the same.

2. The original PAX Sivir skin is not available in the League of Legends Store. The skin was given for free at LoL's PAX event. Thus I don't have all the PAX Sivir files.

3. The Red PAX Sivir skin was recolored to a more vibrant red. I noticed it was kinda pink. The example image has not been updated for this modification.

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