[FYR] Amumu - The Revised Knight

[FYR] Amumu - The Revised Knight

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Hey guys,

To start off with some important notes:
- The ReadMe.txt that is included will give you proper instructions on how to install the skin.
- I need help with a remodel Pantheon skin of mine. I need someone who knows his way around Maya, as I need to fix some skin weights, but tutorials make no sense to me.
- I have now included the separate files for those who like to mess around using the RAF Manager.

It's been a long while. I've passed my High School, graduated a few months ago. Therefore, I was hardly able to create skins. What's more; I went on a holiday to Surinam (South America) for an entire month, so I couldn't create skins either. Or could I? I hereby present to you the one and only skin that I created in Surinam (South America), on a crappy laptop with a crappy mouse, Amumu, the Revised Knight.

I will no longer be able to pick up the pace of skin releases I had before, but I will release one once in a while, hopefully. The more motivation I get, the faster I will release skins, of course. I still have a few unfinished skins, so I will finish some of those. I will probably create a Talon skin too. I still take requests, but it could take ages for me to finish.
Feel free to comment about anything at all. Constructive criticism, or complements are most appreciated, as I can then further improve my work.

This skin includes:
- 4 Amumu Skins (Silver Knight, Paladin, Dark Knight, Void Knight)
- 4 Amumu Loadscreens (Silver Knight, Paladin, Dark Knight, Void Knight)
- The Amumu Knight model

This skin could include, once suggested:
- Particles [Need some help with that!]
- Splash Screens

I hope you will enjoy this skin!

~ Fyridor.

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