Freya the Dragon Knight (Final Fantasy 9)

Freya the Dragon Knight (Final Fantasy 9)

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So I've played with this for several weeks now since I finished it and I figure it's about time I released this. I had been waiting to release it because I wanted someone to voice act her for me because Jax doesn't sound feminine at all. So to remedy that I stole several of Karma's voice clips and set them up to replace Jax's instead. So if you play Karma the voice pack may not be for you. :P

I suppose you could consider this Version 1 of this as I may release a new version with this and a Trance form Freya with someone doing real voice acting for her character. But I figure it's about time I had a release.

What will happen if you use this skin:
*You will play as Freya Crescent the female Dragon Knight from Burmecia instead of Jax
*You will notice that she fights with the exact movements of her FFantasy origins.
*You will see custom loadscreen and icons inside the game as well as the AIR client.
*You may find you play better as Freya than you ever did as Jax
*You may find yourself referring to Jax as 'she' when playing against another Jax and 'she' does something.
*You may or may not use the sound pack because it may drive your ears insane to hear Karma's voice.
*You should use LordGregGreg's installer to use this easily. There are files inside to auto install it.

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